Clinically integrated body shaping system that helps achieve the desired physique

Vêshape marketed by Shapezontech is an advanced body shaping and rejuvenation system, that combines radio frequency, soft laser, and vacuum suction. Clinical studies have shown that combining these three modalities can reduce cellulite or its appearance, resulting in a smoother, firmer skin tone. Thus this method is an excellent option for those who can no longer get rid of stubborn cellulite through diet and exercise.

The treatment focuses on the areas of the body that need to be sculpted and can be used to create a very dramatic effect on the abdomen, upper arms, back, buttocks or thighs.

Vêshape incorporates a combination of technologies to achieve optimal results. The technologies used include RF (radio frequency) and mechanical tissue treatment, combined with pulsating vacuum and massage rollers. The combined effect of these generates deep heat in the connective tissues.

This process not only stimulates collagen production, but also prevents fat deposition and increases cellular metabolism, the slowing of which leads to skin laxity and a reduction in its volume.

Continuous treatment of the skin surface reduces the circumference of the treated area and smoothes cellulite. 

The Vêshape offered by Shapezonetech is an excellent option for those who want to achieve a more contoured and toned body shape without undergoing invasive surgical procedures or experiencing long recovery times. Remarkable results can be achieved in as little as one to three treatments.


  • toning
  • fat breakdown
  • cellulite reduction
  • skin tightening
  • decontamination


  • suitable for combined shaping
  • can be used for both body and facial treatments
  • control heads combining soft laser, RF and vacuum
  • various operating options with 6 different operating heads
  • maximum efficiency and safety without pain
  • shorter treatment time
  • faster results
  • spectacular and lasting toning