Unprecedented innovation in tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation

Picoprotech laser is an advanced laser technology that effectively removes scars, tattoos, and pigment spots using aesthetic picosecond pulses of laser light. It provides impressive results with no downtime for recovery. The latest generation technology for aesthetic use, Picoprotech laser can grind the pigment in the skin tissue through powerful laser energy and achieve complete removal of tattoos and pigment in all skin tones. 

Unlike traditional Q-switching lasers, which require 6-8 treatments for tattoo removal, Picoprotech laser requires only 3-4 treatments for complete removal. The treatment is safe, less painful, and does not require anesthesia or cause inflammation. With its special fractionated lens, Picoprotech laser can create new collagen by compressing cells and activating the natural cell without burning or damaging the skin.

There are two types of pigmentation on the skin: dermal pigmentation and epidermal pigmentation. Dermal pigmentation on the skin can come from birthmarks or from exposure to the sun, aging, freckles, or spots. Tattoos, lip pigment, and eyebrow pigment can also cause pigmentation.

Epidermal pigmentation includes freckles, senior flecks, and vascular lentigines. During the treatment, the Picoprotech laser permeates through the epidermis and into the dermis where the pigment mass is located. The laser pulses in nanoseconds with super high energy, causing the pigment mass to quickly swell and break into smaller pieces. These small pieces are then eliminated through the body’s metabolic system. 

The Picoprotech laser sold by Shapezonetech is extremely efficient due to its wide-spectrum laser wavelength, which ranges from 532nm to 1064nm. It offers a safe and painless solution for those seeking to remove any type of skin pigmentation, including scars, tattoos, and pigmentation spots.

Treatment options:

  • Body tattoo removal
  • Eyebrow and lip line tattoo removal, as well as removal of epidermal and dermal layer pigments
  • Removal of freckles, age spots, and pigment spots caused by sun exposure
  • Acne scar removal and blood vessel cleaning
Light source Picosecond Laser
Wavelength1064nm; 532nm
Output Energy 1064nm: 100-1600mj; 532nm:100-800mj
Pulse duration 2000PS
Repetition Rate 1-10hz adjustable
Spot Size 2-10mm adjustable
Light guide beam -650nm red laser
Cooling System Closed Cycle Water to Air Heat Exchanger
Laser delivery 7 jointed articulated arm imported from Korea
Controlling system 10.4inch TFT color touch screen
Power requirement 680mm×400mm×820mm
Note Technical data changed will not inform specially