Hydra FACE Maxim is an advanced non-invasive skin rejuvenation technology that uses a hydrodermabrasion process for a revitalized appearance

Hydra FACE Facial Maxim by Shapezonetech uses a method for non-invasive skin rejuvenation that has won multiple awards and is one of the most successful facial treatments of the 21st century.

This gentle procedure ensures that the skin is replenished with antioxidants and nourished with active ingredients, resulting in a cleaner, fresher, and fuller skin surface without any downtime. The machine painlessly opens hair follicles and removes metabolic waste and dead skin cells while replenishing the skin with proper nutrients.

The Hydra FACE Facial Maxim machine concentrates water molecules, making it easier to dissolve oxygen into the gap between atoms. The specially designed spiral suction head directly acts on the skin and promotes an exfoliating effect. During the deep cleansing process, the skin is cleansed and hydrated, leaving it fresh and velvety by replenishing nourishing nutrients.

Hydra FACE Facial Maxim can effectively shape the skin, remove blackheads, shrink pores, and hydrate and moisturize skin cells for long-lasting results. Blackheads are caused by pore blockage, leading to oil precipitation and the formation of blackheads. 

People with oily skin tend to have more blackheads, but dry and mixed skin types can also experience blackheads. Shapezonetech’s Hydra FACE Facial Maxim machine can help remove stubborn blackheads and achieve a deep water oxygen cleansing, activate collagen regeneration, and dilute fine lines and color spots.